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Australia is a very complex industry and we've got more brands and models than just about any other country in the world. This is by far the most fragmented market that i've ever worked in and it's a challenge for auto makers.

Bob Graziano - President
and CEO of Ford Australia

Brand Transformation

AMA is immersed in the Australian automotive landscape. From iconic OEM brands to emerging sub-cultures of auto-inspired movements. We know these movements ultimately influence the art of brand positioning and shape-shifting digital engagement.


Marketing & Communication

Our marketing and communication strategies are defined by clear objectives.


We offer a wide scope of support that can cover all the elements that make for a well resolved and planned campaign.

From advertising and sponsorship, right through to special vehicle development and stunt marketing

Clarity and Vision

At AMA we embrace it and we think it’s fun. We’re always looking for engaging ways of leveraging it.

AMA offers a full suite of support. From web sites and social media management, right through to Analytics and in-house SEO strategy. But it doesn’t stop there. We develop fully integrated campaigns that connect with all digital platforms.

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