Despite the surge in organic social media engagement, advertising remains a critical element of any campaign. Outdoor continues to grow and evolve, whilst traditional media still has its place for certain corners of the automotive world.

At AMA we have the capacity to position your campaign to ensure ROI.

Our services include:

  • Media buying and planning
  • Media strategy and analysis
  • Catalogue content and design and production
  • Content/design/copywriting
  • Concept development
  • Audio and video production
  • Talent and ambassador management
  • TVC, radio, print and digital



Above: Big Brother star and public figure Tahan Lew Fatt acted as Ambassador for Elite Caravan’s “Man Cave” competition.

Public figures, celebrities and sport personalities can do amazing things for brands. The right personality can elevate a brand’s reputation and profile and take the brand all over the world.

AMA is proud to have an association with some of Australia’s leading personalities from sport and entertainment. Personal sponsorships, right through to complete ambassadorships can deliver experiential engagement and yet another reason to choose your brand over a competitors. It can be the difference.



At AMA we love pushing the boundaries. We’re not shy either.

Our campaign management gets down to the nitty gritty and our attention to detail delivers assurance from start to end. From advertising campaigns, to sponsorship leveraging, in-store promotions, competitions, incentive-based programs and more…we aim to be seen and heard.

Our services include:

  • Merchandise
  • Media planning and buying
  • Event management
  • Sound, lighting and visual displays
  • Multimedia integration
  • Ambassadors and
  • Experiential & Tactical strategies
  • Local area marketing
  • Design, print and production


EDITORIALWith years of combined experience AMA is able to offer editorial support for publications, catalogues and other critical literature.

  • Vehicle testing and reviews
  • Automotive product reviews
  • Copy writing and research

Events & Promotions


Concerts and festivals can be a highly effective way to position a brand.

Alternatively, we can offer full service capabilities to run events or promotions. From insurances, licenses, talent, venues, catering and staging, to marketing and total event strategy, we enjoy every facet of major events.

Our services include:

  • Lifestyle integration including festivals and concerts
  • Product launches
  • POS promotions and incentives
  • Dealer and media launches
  • Ticketing
  • Venue management including stage, lighting and sound
  • Talent management
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Catering



How many times have you seen a brand’s position undermined by poorly dressed retail staff, representatives or merchandise?

AMA offers full in-house merchandise design and production of off-shore large-scale merchandise programs including apparel and souvenirs. Most importantly it forms part of our overall strategy and it’s never an after thought.



We love cars…and we love racing!

Motorsport can be a thrilling and effective place to invest. V8 Supercars has enormous reach and can deliver customer rewards and engagement unmatched by any other sport.

Our services include:

  • Sponsorship negotiation and strategy development
  • Sponsorship management
  • Scoping of properties and investment
  • In-store and product integration
  • Promotions and competition drivers
  • Corporate hospitality support


Public Relations


AMA offers full service communication and public relations support. We recognise the importance of good external relationships and share the urgency around critical response times.
To support this AMA offers the following services:

  • Media Releases
  • Copy writing and content development
  • Dealer and media launches
  • Media management
  • Linguistics and international translation – Product launches
  • Supporting publicity

Special Vehicle Development


To enhance our point of difference, AMA offers the unique capability to either source or build bespoke vehicles for TV and movies. From conceptual development, right through to the engineering and build ready for use.

Our services include:

  • Concept cars and vehicle modifications for movies and OEM.
  • Vehicle preparation and conversion to support filming equipment such as data, recording and audio
  • Vehicle preparation for media reviews and testing
  • Stunt vehicle development, engineering and preparation with OH&S competencies
  • Design and delivery of bespoke movie vehicles



With more than 20 years experience in sponsorship procurement and management, AMA has an intimate knowledge of sponsorship. From motorsport, to music festival and lifestyle event integration, we have access all areas. We can talk to any age group with various sponsorship platforms to suit any budget.

Our Scope includes:

  • Motorsport including V8 Supercars
  • AFL, Cricket and Tennis
  • Personal celebrity sponsorship in sport and entertainment
  • Planning and leveraging of assets
  • Procurement and negotiation
  • Lifestyle integration including concerts, festivals and live music
  • Proposal development
  • Consultancy
  • Property scoping



A great brand campaign can only be achieved with great strategy. Scoping, planning and benchmarking are all essential ingredients to our philosophy.

A clearly defined campaign plan can have dramatic impact and penetration. A strategic set of objectives and targets deliver our clients clarity and a vision with clearly defined outcomes.

Ultimately ROI can be measured and tracked across a range of platforms including TV, digital, radio, retail and traditional media.

Stunt Marketing

10Stunt Marketing is a daring way to get attention. Not many agencies offer this….but we do.

AMA develops strategies and logistics that are fully supported with world class engineering. This means our stunts are carefully thought out to minimise risk, and maximise the wow factor!

In days gone by, stunts were a legitimate and thrilling way to attract an audience. In recent years the fear of litigation has swayed communication agencies away from such activities. Thanks to brands like Red Bull we have seen a resurgence in stunt marketing and now AMA can make it a reality.